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Syntax Moving Forward

Date: July 17, 2013 Author: Curtis Category: Publications Comments: 5

martin-luther-kingSyntax is moving forward. We have relocated our office to a new location; and I must say we are feeling quite proud. We are feeling proud not only because we have now acquired an office in a more prestige location, that our clients can better enjoy. But also, that we've acquired the ability, through partnership arrangements, to operate and do business from within the United States of America.

For us this is big deal, mainly owing to the fact that we are only 7 months old, as an incorporated business, and we know the kind of opportunities it can bring . Our new address is Suite 22, 8 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
Our contact numbers have also increased, and are now:

  • Jamaica (1-876-656-9950) Extension: (5015)
  • Jamaics (1-876-631-4303)
  • USA (1-917-460-0063)
  • Cell (1-876-567-9040)
  • Cell (1-876-406-1693)


Of course, it wouldn't be nice of us if we didn't say thank you in this post, to our loyal clients who have been such confident believers in our expertise, and constant solicitors of our services.

  • Amadeo Medical Group (Jamaica)
  • Kinghorn & Kinghorn Attorneys at Law (Jamaica)
  • New Era Finance Company (O.B.F. The Same Day Loans People - Jamaica)
  • Vivid Reggae Raido (USA)
  • Kiran & S Mehndi (USA)
  • Smart Technologies (Jamaica)
  • Kaypture Tech (Jamaica)


We want to say a big  thank you to them, and vow to continue providing the high caliber of service they deserve.

Lets continue the progress, and move forward.


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